Megan Fontaine


Derrick Gilday


Mango and Dango are world renowned theatrical circus performers specializing in partner acrobatics, juggling, aerial, stilt walking, physical comedy, chair stacking, variety shows and roving entertainment.

They have performed their one-of-a-kind theatrical circus shows in Central/South America, Europe, southeast/central Asia, the Middle East, and throughout the United States.
They are always a crowd favorite!!
As artists and directors they find their inspiration trotting around the globe exchanging smiles and ideas with people of all walks of life. The accumulation of these experiences result in performances that cross cultural boundaries and continues to redefine the contemporary circus medium. Their love for laughter, the absurd, ridiculous dance moves and comedic subtleties in everyday situations are woven into their performances which utilize high skilled circus tricks to tell their tales.
Their training includes partner acrobatics, juggling, aerial arts, stilt walking, physical comedy, mime, buffoon, commedia del arte, chair stacking, and equilibrium. They specialize in stage or street shows, variety entertainment, classic circus acts and cirque style performance.