The Mango And Dango Stage Show
A Timeless Love Story..

Enjoy this high skilled physical comedy circus show about the trials and tribulations of unrequited love seen through the hearts and eyes of two clowns. Will Mango ever give in… Probably not… Featured entertainment may include chair stacking, juggling, partner acrobats, free standing ladder, rolla bolla, aerial, dance, incredible balancing acts and echoing calls of “Wow that’s amazing, kiss him already!!!”

The Mango and Dango show has been in production for over ten years and continues to be an amorphous creative process to this day.  Mango and Dango created their very first performance together as a modern dance duet in 2004, luckily this form of entertainment didn’t last long, they found circus and fell head over heels for the art form.  They knew that working within the  Entertainment realm was meant for them and they decided to hit the streets performing their first circus show on the street at a local farmers market in San Diego.  Within the month they were on a flight to Central America with juggling clubs, unicycle, hoola hoops and adventurous spirit in tow.  Within a year they had entertained audiences from Mexico city to Panama City and all around Western Europe.  Stilt walking had become their new preferred form of travel, humans turned acrobats dreaming of one day being in a cirque du soliel show.  Once this entertainment duo returned home they continued practicing circus with a passion, one only feels, when they have found their life path.  Studying and training became a full time job,  they began working with a community circus, performing with Dragon Knights stilt theater and went on to create their own circus collective called Zirk UBU.  These collaborations would shape the character and foundation of the circus entertainment duet today which is Mango and Dango.